Nov 07, 2020, 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM GMT
Virtual Conference
Clapping Audience


Learn. Share. Change The World.

Registered charity The Brun Bear Foundation is thrilled to have partnered with a top team of healthcare professionals led by Helen Knower, Director of Midwifery, Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust to deliver BAME  Birthing With Colour.

Learn: We have created an exceptional programme full of top speakers shaping, delivering, directing and influencing BAME Maternity care.

Share: We are expecting a large audience for this conference drawn primarily from the following communities: 

Midwifery, including Student Midwives

Nursing, including Student Nurses  

Social Work 

Obstetrics & Gynacology

Child life specialist
Community health worker
Health policy and management
Health visitor
International Family Medicine
General Practice
Surgical Team
Industry Association 
Community Organisations
Registered Charities

The BAME Communities

Change The World: Delegates, Speakers, Exhibitors, Sponsors and Supporters Change the World in two ways through their participation in BAME Maternity Matters Birthing With Colour.  

1.Information and interactions on the day will deliver insights and contacts that can be positively applied in support of BAME Maternity and Birthing With Colour. 

2. Proceeds from the day will support a mix of community, medical and animal welfare projects through event organiser and registered charity The Brun Bear Foundation. 

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PS We will have childcare facilities on the day. We look forward to seeing you there!



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