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Simon Fleming: Breakthroughs come when people are honest, authentic and reflective

In campaigning to make the NHS a better place to live and work we can take better care of our patients says the London-based registrar at the forefront of combating bullying, undermining and harassment in healthcare through the award winning #HammerItOut and #CutItOut campaigns writes Jasmine Rothon

Simon Fleming is a panellist in the concluding Any Questions session at this year’s BAME Birthing With Colour Conference. He will be relating his experience leading anti-bullying campaigns and redressing inequalities to what it takes to ensure expectant mothers from the BAME Communities have a voice that is heard on their maternity journey.

Breakthroughs come when people are honest, authentic and reflective, he says. That includes explaining his own motivations: “[As a white, educated male] I am very aware of my privilege and the power that gives me to do something good.”

Mr Fleming examines the current issues faced within the NHS and does not shy away from reflecting on his own experiences – and even shortcomings – to bring about the behavioural and attitudinal changes needed to make maternity healthcare a safer, happier and more inclusive place for staff and patients alike.

What excites me is [the] creation of a safe space for diverse discussion and disagreement

“What excites me about the BAME Birthing With Colours format is its commitment to diversity and creation of a safe space for diverse discussion and disagreement. These are pre-requisites if we are to bring about change.”

Mr Fleming says he is equally looking forward to “sitting at the back of the room and taking everything in… Authentic, valuable conversations come from first listening to the experiences and thoughts of others first and then establishing how to give a voice to those experiences.”

About Simon Fleming

Simon Fleming is a Trauma and Orthopaedic registrar. He is Vice Chair of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges Trainee Doctors’ Group (ATDG) and Associate Editor of Medical Education and The Clinical Teacher. He is the driving force behind the award winning #HammerItOut and #CutItOut campaigns.

About BAME Birthing With Colour

BAME Birthing With Colour is a one day conference organised by registered charity The Brun Bear Foundation in association with a top team of healthcare professionals led by Helen Knower, Director of Midwifery, Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust.

The conference’s objectives are to draw together medical professionals, policy makers, the third sector, community groups and mothers themselves for an outstanding programme that helps shape, deliver, direct and influence higher standards of BAME Maternity care.

Proceeds from the day – which is being organised on an entirely voluntary basis – will support relevant medical and other causes.

For more information including speaking, attendance, sponsorship, media and supporting organisation opportunities please email

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Author: Jasmine Rothon

Subeditor: Edwin Lampert

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